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Year Six

The sixth annual Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF 2021) will be held in the 3rd Street Theater at the Phoenix Center for the Arts from Saturday 7th to Monday 9th October, 2021.


Ticket sales for 2023 are closed but they will be available at the festival!

Price was $60 in advance for a full event pass. This includes access to all films over three full days.
Price at the door will be $75 for a full event pass ($50 if you buy on Saturday, $25 on Sunday).
Either way, current film students are half price.

We will be selling concessions including our popular hot dog specials. Parking and popcorn are free!

Safety Protocols

There will be no COVID restrictions this year.

However, we do still recommend that you vaccinate to protect yourself and wear a mask if you wish to protect yourself and others.

Logo by Marty Freetage. Postcard by Jason Drotman.


Our competition films are fighting it out for awards created and designed by the ever-fantastic Tom Deadstuff!


Program Book

We published a full 36 page online only program book.

Download or view it as a PDF below (64 MB).

ALIFFF 2023 Program Book

Pocket Program

We've also published a 4 page pocket program.

Download or view it as a PDF below (289k).

ALIFFF 2023 Pocket Program


Doors will open at 10:30am on each day, with the first set beginning at 11:00am.




Set Start End Length Set Start End Length Set Start End Length
Horror Shorts A 11:00am 12:11pm 1h 11m Xanadu Hellfire 11:00am 12:45pm 1h 44m The Love Song of William H. Shaw 11:00am 12:36pm 1h 35m
What Lurks Beneath 12:30pm 2:12pm 1h 42m Horror Shorts B 1:05pm 2:16pm 1h 11m Sci-Fi Shorts C 12:55pm 2:13pm 1h 18m
Sci-Fi Shorts A 2:30pm 3:49m 1h 19m Phi 1.618 2:35pm 4:09pm 1h 34m Once Again 2:35pm 4:28pm 1h 53m
Blood and Snow 4:10pm 6:05pm 1h 55m Sci-Fi Shorts B 4:30pm 5:38pm 1h 08m Other Shorts B 4:50pm 5:44pm 54m
Genre-Hopping Shorts 6:25pm 7:53pm 1h 28m Perfectly Good Moment 6:00pm 7:12pm 1h 12m The Beehive 6:05pm 7:31pm 1h 26m
Agatha 8:10pm 9:10pm 1h 0m Other Shorts A 7:30pm 8:41pm 1h 11m Final Shorts 7:50pm 8:58pm 1h 8m
Edgier Shorts 9:25pm 10:42pm 1h 17m Zombie Strain 9:00pm 10:39pm 1h 39m Award Ceremony 9:00pm 9:20pm 20m


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Première statuses will gradually fill in over the next month. These speak to theatrical exhibition (virtual doesn't count).


ALIFFF 2023 will screen 10 feature films from 4 countries.

Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
What Lurks Beneath 2023 Simon McPhillips Canada 1h 42m Arizona
Blood and Snow 2023 Jesse Palangio Canada 1h 45m Arizona
Agatha 2022 Roland Becerra & Kelly Bigelow USA 1h 0m no
Xanadu Hellfire 2022 Justin Armao USA 1h 44m Arizona
Phi 1.618 2022 Theodore Ushev Bulgaria 1h 34m no
Perfectly Good Moment 2022 Lauren Greenhall USA 1h 12m Arizona
Zombie Strain 2023 Michael Seabolt USA 1h 40m no
The Love Song of William H. Shaw 2023 Marty Ketola & Clif Campbell USA 1h 35m no
Once Again 2021 Shin Seung Hoon South Korea 1h 53m North America
The Beehive 2022 Alexander Lasheras Canada 1h 26m no

What Lurks Beneath

1h 42m, Canada, Simon McPhillips
Saturday, 12:30pm

The crew of USS Titan find themselves on the brink of world war 3 with Russia when a naked stowaway appears in one of their torpedo tubes. Captain banks fears she may be Russian, but she's something far more dangerous.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Blood and Snow

1h 45m, Canada, Jesse Palangio
Saturday, 4:10pm

Two scientists uncover a meteorite impact site in the Arctic tundra, but it kills one scientist and infects the other. A nearby base takes in the lone survivor whilst trying to understand what happened. The lone survivor may not be the person they think she is.


1h 0m, USA, Roland Becerra & Kelly Bigelow
Saturday, 8:10pm

The film follows “The Professor”, a man suffering from a terminal disease, who by a twist of fate, witnesses an incredible event involving his mysterious neighbor Agatha. Hoping to find a cure to his sickness, he agrees to follow her on a strange and risky journey into a forgotten but not entirely deserted urban wasteland.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Xanadu Hellfire

1h 44m, USA, Justin Armao
Sunday, 11:00am

A young girl brings her comic book hero from the future to the present just to hang out. An evil soon follows and all hell breaks loose.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Phi 1.618

1h 34m, Bulgaria, Theodore Ushev
Sunday, 2:35pm

In the worst of times, science conquers death. A micronation of bio-titans is created—a new breed of loveless asexual immortal men built to fit the golden ratio Phi 1.618. They prepare to leave behind the toxic planet Earth and colonize the Cosmos on board a colossal spaceship. The female sex has become obsolete as immortal men do not procreate. They will take on board only a single female body, a translucent Sleeping Beauty, kept minimally alive as a curious testament of the extinct past. The immortal calligrapher Krypton is tasked to create an indestructible copy of the entire bio-titanic written heritage. He must copy all existing books but one. If copied, that book will bedevil the universe.

As Krypton is about to toss the forbidden book in an incinerator, it transforms into a wickedly feisty punk girl named Gargara. She challenges Krypton to wake up Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. Krypton tries but fails. His kiss is powerless. They need a super potent miracle balm called Kykeon. To get it, they embark on a dangerous journey through a Boschian wasteland. On the road, they bump into Karbon 666, a vengeful lone-wolf terrorist who is on his way to blow up the spaceship. Krypton and Gargara find themselves in a frantic race against time. They need to bring Sleeping Beauty back to life and save the fairytale before it turns into a raging nightmare.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Perfectly Good Moment

1h 12m, USA, Lauren Greenhall
Sunday, 6:00pm

This psychosexual thriller asks the question: what happens when the things that make your relationship passionate and exciting are the same things that make it toxic?

Ruby and David have been together on-and-off for 8 years, since she was 19 and he 34. Six months after Ruby last ran out on him, she has returned. Once the initial bliss of the reunion wears off, old toxic patterns re-emerge. Is David too demanding and controlling or is Ruby just too sensitive? Is Ruby as delicate and demure as she appears to be... or is there something more sinister behind the surface? Why did Ruby really come back?

Official trailer at YouTube.

Zombie Strain

1h 40m, USA, Michael Seabolt
Sunday, 9:00pm

During the zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors trapped in a sound stage makes an amazing discovery about a potent strain of marijuana. But tensions rise, mistakes are made, and they start to wonder—who’s more dangerous, the undead or each other?

Official trailer at YouTube.

The Love Song of William H. Shaw

1h 35m, USA, Marty Ketola & Clif Campbell
Monday, 11:00am

Years ago, comic bookstore owners Pete Reynoso (the "Oscar") and John Burns (the "Felix") helped their friend, the acclaimed screenwriter William H. "Billy" Shaw complete the screenplay for the sequel to the hottest comic book movie of the moment, Fren-Zee 2.

Now, Billy finds himself again haunted by imaginary (?) superhero Fren-Zee, as he was during the writing process of Fren-Zee 2. With his life relatively on track with his new girlfriend Katy and his two years of sobriety, Billy needs to make Fren-Zee go away permanently. He can’t watch his life go down the drain again. Unfortunately, the only two people who could help him, Pete and John, have been feuding for years since achieving fame, and now run rival comic stores. And they don’t have time for Billy’s shenanigans.

Can Billy save himself and his friends, too? Or is this the time where it all falls apart?

Official trailer at YouTube.

Once Again

1h 53m, South Korea, Shin Seung Hoon
Monday, 2:35pm

Stuntman Wooseok who wanted to become an actor. When you die at some point, you go back to the past. So, after several deaths, Wooseok goes back to his high school days in 1997. And Wooseok tries to change his fate.

The Beehive

1h 26m, USA, Alexander Lasheras
Monday, 6:05pm

The Beehive is a captivating science-fiction drama that follows the Piers family—a widowed single father, Frank, and his two children, Arron and Rosemary—as they face an unexplainable cosmic event at their family farm. The next day, Rosemary discovers a large bees nest growing on the branch of a big Leaf Maple tree and visits it each day to document its unusual growth. However, when her father and brother discover it, it has grown into a disturbingly large cocoon-like object. Frank attempts to inspect the nest but is stung by a camouflaged stinger, becoming infected with an alien virus. In a desperate attempt to protect his children, Frank barricades himself in the house as they escape the farm.

Official trailer at YouTube.


ALIFFF 2023 will include ten sets of short films.

Horror Shorts A

Saturday, 11:00am-12:11pm

The Horror Shorts A set will run 1h 11m and include 8 films from 5 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
#nofilter 2021 Nathan Crooker USA 13:26 no
Golem 2020 Ryan Cauchi Australia 4:37 no
Every 75 Minutes 2020 Borja A. Ortiz Spain 7:21 Arizona
Cart Return 2023 Matt Webb USA 3:42 Arizona
Merger 2022 Daniel Negret UK 7:21 Arizona
Midnight Screams 2021 Sean Menendez USA 10:12 no
Script 2018 Piero Cannata Italy 8:06 no
Escalation 2022 Christian Bachini Italy 15:59 no


13:26, USA, Nathan Crooker

#nofilter addresses the ever-growing issue surrounding Body Dysmorphic Disorder through the eyes of Beth, an insecure twenty-something, who becomes obsessed with an insidious filter, leaving her to question true beauty. It is a cautionary tale for all those obsessed by "likes", being flawless, and thinking that somehow social media is the magical cure-all for happiness.


4:37, Australia, Ryan Cauchi

Nazi-occupied Prague, 1939. A group of German soldiers search for a fugitive Rabbi in the basement of an abandoned synagogue - unaware of the horror awaiting them.

Every 75 Minutes

7:21, Spain, Borja A. Ortiz

While Rachel is waiting for the bus on her way into town, she meets a very special visitor...

Cart Return

3:42, USA, Matt Webb

Melanie is just too busy and self-absorbed and refuses to return her shopping cart, leading to an unfortunate turn of events when she's transported directly into a 1960's Hitchcock-like thriller.


7:21, UK, Daniel Negret

A man's commitment to his job takes a dark and surreal turn for the worst.

Midnight Screams

10:12, USA, Sean Menendez

Embroiled in an argument on their drive home, Derek and Jess slam into a living nightmare. What they hit isn’t dead ... and very angry.

Official trailer at YouTube.


8:06, Italy, Piero Cannata

Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?


15:59, Christian Bachini, Italy

Chris, a paranoid and self-centered man, is happily avoiding all human contact, preferring to escape from reality in whatever's on TV. When a friend reaches out to him to confront him about his past promises, Chris has to decide what kind of person he is inside, or it may just eat him... alive.

Sci-Fi Shorts A

Saturday, 2:30pm-3:49pm

The Sci-Fi Shorts A set will run 1h 19m and include 4 films from 3 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
BLUE FiRE 2021 Nick Ronan USA 20:43 Arizona
Go with Her 2022 Yushi Che China 15:41 Arizona
Crackpot 2021 Nicola Sercombe Australia 17:29 Arizona
LifeQuest 2023 Richard Lounello USA 27:36 Arizona


20:43, USA, Nick Ronan

Deep in the snowy Blue Mountains, two damaged lives come crashing back together when they discover something in the forest not of this world.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Go with Her

15:41, China, Yushi Che

In a lonely and distant space station, BAI, a female scientist and other partners spent five years inventing a chip that can convert human emotions into extraordinary physical performances. BAI and one of her partners, DU, have developed a certain chemistry between each other. But as a wife and a mother, BAI has kept her feeling for DU deep in her heart.

When the head of the space station, AN, declares the successful development of the chip, everyone believes that they can fly back to earth and rejoin their families. However, the superior broke their dreams and ordered all the crew to remain in the station since he received a report of alien creatures being detected around the space station. But AN is planning to fly back to Earth alone.

Potential danger is getting closer. BAI, struggling with choosing between passion and morality, also discovers DU’s secret.


17:29, Australia, Nicola Sercombe

With the end of the world only hours away, a dippy doomsday prepper kidnaps her lonely neighbour to "save him" from the impending apocalypse.


27:36, USA, Richard Lounello

A young physicist lives out his life in search of his greatest scientific discovery and finds one extraordinary truth.

Genre-Hopping Shorts

Saturday, 6:25pm-7:53pm

The Genre-Hopping Shorts set will run 1h 28m and include 3 films from 3 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Sights Unseen 2022 Jesse Terrell USA 29:53 Arizona
Rose Hotel 2020 Nicolas Engel France 28:16 Arizona
The Lord of the Woods 2021 Julia Bui Poland 29:59 Arizona

Sights Unseen

29:53, USA, Jesse Terrell

A student's fascination with extra dimensions will lead to an obsession with the mysteries of what is beyond our comprehension. Is it math or is it magic?

Les Mots Croisés

28:16, France, Nicolas Engel

A hotel at night. Coded messages. Tea.

The Lord of the Woods

29:59, Poland, Julia Bui

Warrior Kriss meets a young girl in the forest, Mojmira, who escaped captivity. In the ruins of a hut, where they stop overnight, Kriss finds the Urobors, a magical object of time travel properties.

Kriss is being entangled in a tragic love story of Mojmira-Valdemena and Derwan. The characters, constantly travel through time dimensions, trying to escape the vicious cycle and, in their own little ways, reverse the course of the tragedy.

Edgier Shorts

Saturday, 9:25pm-10:42pm

The Edgier Shorts set will run 1h 17m and include 7 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Entropic 2020 Bradford Uyeda USA 3:42 no
Squish 2020 Xavier Seron Belgium 20:45 no
Charlie the Cancelled Skeleton 2023 Joe Reilly USA 8:59 Arizona
Exhaust 2022 Lucy & Jesse Velik Australia 8:43 Arizona
The Task 2021 Trevor Alpert USA 8:54 Arizona
Manicure 2023 Carluccio USA 9:59 Arizona
Judge 2022 Nicolo Pozzali Italy 16:24 Arizona


3:42, USA, Bradford Uyeda

A man camping in the wild of Arizona has a close encounter that has terrifying results!


20:45, Belgium, Xavier Seron

Flo has to go to Marrakech for work. So, it’s Tom who takes care of Sam, their 5-year-old son. Flo left him a list of tasks to complete during his absence. Despite this, Tom forgot Sam’s guitar course. From his ryad, Flo calls to blame him. Tom hates being caught. He picks up Sam. The car comes out of the garage at full speed. SPROTCH. Tom just crushed something...

Charlie the Cancelled Skeleton

8:59, USA, Joe Reilly

Beware who you cancel.

Bitter about a film firing him as an actor for not allowing him to work from home, one man plots out for revenge on a horror film, successfully running a successful cancellation campaign against the film. Unbeknownst to him, however, is the film he cancelled might just be out to cancel him in return...


8:43, Australia, Lucy & Jesse Velik

Cut Ben some slack. Being a driver for criminals is his dream. He just needs a bit more practice.

The Task

8:54, USA, Trevor Alpert

In a creative work environment in a corporate setting a low level employee must figure out what her boss wants her to do because he refuses to say what he actually means.


9:59, USA, Carluccio

Before her 30th birthday party, Elanor's anxiety and demand for perfection turn a pleasant manicure into a bloody mess.


16:24, Italy, Nicolo Pozzali

Gianni, an eccentric Italian-American, is forced to hide out in a luxurious villa on Lake Como, Italy. He hosts a card game in the villa with a group of suspicious personalities and his old apprentice, Tim. The game turns sour when it is interrupted by an Interpol raid. However, neither the officers nor Gianni and his friends are what they seem.

Horror Shorts B

Sunday, 1:05pm-2:16pm

The Horror Shorts B set will run 1h 11m and include 5 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Before We Leave 2021 Natalia Gurkina Russia 9:23 Arizona
Tistlebu 2022 Simon Matthew Valentine Norway 18:00 Arizona
Watch Over Me 2021 Angel Ruiz USA 6:08 Arizona
Greed & Gore 2023 Adam Kirkey Canada 15:15 Arizona
The Negative 2022 Tommy Bentz USA 21:57 no

Before We Leave

9:23, Russia, Natalia Gurkina

A story about the memory of the dead, about life after death and about love after leaving forever.

The family packs for the moving. Mom gets nostalgic sorting stuff out. Son indifferently throws books and toys in his backpack. Dad tries to slip away to say goodbye to his friends. And only the Youngest Daughter can not find her deal. She stares at others and mess with them. At the same time a strange Old Lady in black stares at the Girl attentively. But no one notices the Old Lady except Girl and it scares her. The Girl becomes frightened even more when she realizes that the whole family will leave her alone with the Old Lady in an empty apartment. And no one can help her, because her family is no longer alive.


18:00, Norway, Simon Matthew Valentine

As a young urban couple on a working holiday hopes to connect with nature at Tistlebu farm, a primordial power comes into play, changing them both forever.

Watch Over Me

6:06, USA, Angel Ruiz

A young woman goes up to her house in the woods for the weekend only to be terrorized by an escaped convict.

Greed & Gore

15:15, Canada, Adam Kirkey

After a bank robbery doesn’t go exactly as planned, a crew of five pick a last minute safehouse to lay low with their take and a hostage. But the safehouse isn’t so safe...

The Negative

21:57, USA, Tommy Bentz

A struggling writer finds a fabled "Cabin of Success" in the woods, where anyone who stays there becomes everything they've ever wanted. But before his dream is realized, he comes face to face with the answer to the question: What would you sacrifice to be successful?

Sci-Fi Shorts B

Sunday, 4:30pm-5:38pm

The Sci-Fi Shorts B set will run 1h 8m and include 3 films from 43 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Entanglement 2022 Yashaswini Nath India 31:38 Arizona
Desde el Cosmos 2022 Rebeca Arce Puerto Rico 6:52 Arizona
Starship Impossible 2021 Greg McLeod UK 29:34 Arizona


31:38, India, Yashaswini Nath

A couple struggles to make sense of the past, and their vastly different versions of the bizarre event that made their relationship spin out of control.

Desde el Cosmos

6:52, Puerto Rico, Rebeca Arce

David, a boy obsessed with space, receives an alien egg for his birthday. David does everything in his power to protect the egg. What he did not know is that his biggest wish would become his worst nightmare. David needs to be brave to defend the planet against the alien.

Starship Impossible

29:34, UK, Greg McLeod

Captain Quitter and his crew of misfits may have found the secret to eternal life. But only if you're prepared to live it out as a moose. A lo-fi sci-fi from the Brothers McLeod and Misfit.

Other Shorts A

Sunday, 7:30pm-8:42pm

The Other Shorts A set will run 1h 12m and include 5 films from 3 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Aww, Shit! 2022 Gibbs Ryals USA 6:27 Arizona
Evenfall: Prologue 2021 Dustin Lee USA 20:23 Arizona
Retribution 2021 Julia Grace Jones USA 14:16 no
Eco 2020 Gilberto David Vázquez Gómez Puerto Rico 14:37 Arizona
The Faun of Healwood: The Edge 2023 Stephane Artus France 15:57 US

Aww, Shit!

6:27, USA, Gibbs Ryals

The Hitman (Jalen Smith) is the best contract killer in the city; not a single blemish on his resume. He faces his biggest challenge yet when a woman named Jessica Leary (Ellie Key) hires him to murder her wife Tabitha (Anna Jackson), and stage it as a suicide. In response, the Hitman devises an elaborate and intricate plan. One fatal mistake, however, compromises the entire mission and possibly his life.

Evenfall: Prologue

20:23, USA, Dustin Lee

A woman struggles to protect her son from the ever-increasing dangers of the world around them.


14:16, USA, Julia Grace Jones

A man awakens to find himself restrained and recovering from an unknown procedure at the mercy of two mysterious women.


14:37, Puerto Rico, Gilberto David Vázquez Gómez

Ariel will try to hold the reins of his life as he faces the instability of his emotions, accompanied by a strange Eye that has come out on his back.

The Faun of Healwood: The Edge

15:57, France, Stephane Arbus

During a walk in the forest, a young woman, Jane, meets a wounded stranger pursued by strange hunters. She asks her to help her reach a dolmen in order to bring a magical object. Jane is reluctant to accept the adventure for which she seems destined.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Sci-Fi Shorts C

Monday, 12:55pm-2:13pm

The Sci-Fi Shorts C set will run 1h 18m and include 4 films from 2 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Denali 2022 Alberto Ortega Spain 12:51 Arizona
Bad Drones 2021 Sam Coale USA 25:49 Arizona
Möbius’ Trip 2022 Matt Jaems The Netherlands 20:02 Arizona
Artificial Existence 2021 John D. Marshall USA 19:28 Arizona


12:51, Spain, Alberto Ortega

Marina hires the services of Soul Data, a company that creates digital consciousness through data generated in life, to claim her deceased father for his part of the inheritance until she comes across new secrets.

Bad Drones

25:49, USA, Sam Coale

A young man is unintentionally set on an adventure to save mankind when he falls through a wormhole to another world only to discover an army of evil drones on the other side poised to invade Earth.

Möbius’ Trip

20:02, The Netherlands, Matt Jaems

Jeremy Brandt is an agent on a mission to stop a man with a device containing a button that must not be pushed—but has been—resulting in an extensive chase. This leads to an electric struggle, against each other and ultimately for a solution to the greatest challenge anyone can face.

Artificial Existence

19:28, USA, John D. Marshall

A mother desperately yearns to escape an oppressive dystopian society where humans have merged with machines and life is automated by artificial intelligence, but her family would rather live in technological comfort than escape with her into the unforgiving wilderness.

Other Shorts B

Monday, 4:50pm-5:44pm

The Other Shorts B set will run 54m and include 4 films from 2 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
OverKill 2019 Alex Montilla USA 14:46 no
Even Monsters Sleep 2022 Cooper J USA 9:58 Arizona
Monster in a Box 2022 Noah Weisel USA 9:15 Arizona
The Operator 2022 Matt Riley UK 20:00 Arizona


14:46, USA, Alex Montilla

OverKill is a film with a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final girl must outsmart him to survive. Only in this movie, the killer literally cannot be stopped (or killed).

Even Monsters Sleep

9:58, USA, Cooper J

Inspired by the victims of Harvey Weinstein and the #metoo movement. An actress chases her dream role down a rabbit hole in this surreal and interpretive tale of terror.

Monster in a Box

9:15, USA, Noah Weisel

He did it for the role.

When carnival hucksters pull their act in the wrong town they get help from the most unlikely of performers.

The Operator

20:00, UK, Matt Riley

The Operator follows Michael, a client contact associate as he starts another dull day of business as usual. Connecting long distance intergalactic calls from a remote satellite (not as exciting as it sounds); a bleary eyed and coffee fuelled Michael receives a distress call. No one ever receives a distress call. They barely touch on distress calls during the induction day.

Final Shorts

Monday, 7:50pm-8:58pm

The Final Shorts set will run 1h 8m and include 7 films from 3 countries, then roll into the Award Ceremony.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Midnight Bound 2020 Andrew Battaglia USA 7:24 Arizona
Yo-Yo Dominance 2022 Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D. USA 2:43 Arizona
The Gray 2020 Myra Aquino USA 9:35 Arizona
Innermost 2022 Maing Caochong China 15:00 Arizona
On/Off 2022 Jurg Slabbert South Africa 17:54 Arizona
House of the Unholy 2022 Daniel Merlot USA 15:15 Arizona

Midnight Bound

7:24, USA, Anthony Battaglia

As nuclear missiles are flying towards Paul’s hometown, he casually explains why he doesn’t want to find shelter or survive the apocalypse while chaos erupts around him.

Yo-Yo Dominance

2:43, USA, Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D.

An experimental film done by artificial intelligence. Only the editing and prompts were done by a human. Artwork, voiceovers, animations, music and story was all created by AI.

The Gray

9:35, USA, Myra Aquino

A former cop works in purgatory and processes people going to heaven or hell. One day, his 20-year-old son appears.


15:00, China, Maing Caochong

The background of the stop-motion animation short film Innermost is set in the future featured by highly advanced technologies but collapsed society and civilization system. The cyberpunk-style science fiction world coexists fantastically with the traditional oriental martial arts world. The story follows the emotional entanglement between a long-lost chivalrous couple and a person with regenerated organs starting from a fight for a mystic magic lyre. From the perspective of what regeneration technologies are able of, the short film will arouse the audience to think of how the value of emotions can be magnified or dissolved.


17:54, South Africa, Jurg Slabbert

An Afrikaans-speaking man helps his elderly German neighbour in a time of need, despite a language barrier. In the process, he learns volumes about himself.

House of the Unholy

15:15, USA, Daniel Merlot

A bloodthirsty Princess puts out a bounty to hunt down the last of the Indigo Elf tribe. She is on a quest to attain a magical elixir that's hidden in his heart.

The elixir will grant her the powers to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity.

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