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Year Five

This is an archive page. For the current year's festival, please visit our main page.

The fifth annual Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF 2021) was held in the 3rd Street Theater at the Phoenix Center for the Arts from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October, 2021.

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Final Set and Award Ceremony

Logo by Marty Freetage. Poster and postcard by Jason Drotman.


Tickets were $60 in advance ($75 at the door), with current film students half price, and parking, popcorn and lunch was free.
The venue didn't run a bar because of COVID. We ran the usual concessions, plus hot dogs and coffee.

We acknowledged the presence of COVID-19 by requiring proof of vaccination for staff and attendees, and the venue required masks. Our food handlers all tested negative for COVID in the days before the festival.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a film for doing so!

Thank you to the filmmakers who attended and took part in Q&As:

Carl Thiel (Displaced)
Michael Seabolt (Sleep Tight)
Jamie Rivera (Finally, You)
Bradford Uyeda (The Beast of Bourbon)
Anton Kurza (The Psychologist)
Tammy Thomas (Forever Gardens)
Adolpho Navarro and J. P. Frydrych (The Alluring Frontier)
Christy Anna Wu (Alvin)
Ben Hansford, Luke Albright & Daniel Thron (Uprising!)

Thank you to our panel of judges for 2021:

Sarah-Anne Stubbs, blogger and podcaster at Geeks Who Eat, Final Girls Feast and Spooky Sarah Says.
Christopher Bradley, writer, director and actor and senior lecturer at Arizona State University.
Noah Richman, critic at Slice of Sci-Fi and former president of the Phoenix Fantasy Film Society.


Our competition films fought it out for these awards, created and designed by the ever-fantastic Tom Deadstuff!

Honorable mentions went to The Other One and Good Feng Shui.


Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Best Horror Short
Finally, You (USA, J. R. Rivera)

Best Science Fiction Short
Uprising! (USA, Ben Hansford)

Best Other Short
The Other One (Germany, Lukas Baier)

Best Feature
A Feral World (USA, David Liban)

Festival Director's Award
Sylvio (France, Léonard Kahn)


Program Book

We published a full 42 page online only program book.

Download or view it as a PDF below (61 MB).

ALIFFF 2021 Program Book

Pocket Program

We've also published a 4 page pocket program.

Download or view it as a PDF below (1 MB).

ALIFFF 2021 Pocket Program


Doors opened at 10:30am on each day, with the first set beginning at 11:00am.




Set Start End Length Set Start End Length Set Start End Length
Sci-Fi Shorts A 11:00am 12:19pm 1h 20m Genre-Hopping Shorts B 11:00am 12:25pm 1h 26m The Psychologist 11:00am 12:12pm 1h 12m
In Action 12:40pm 1:59pm 1h 19m Horror Shorts B 12:45pm 2:05pm 1h 20m Sci-Fi Shorts C 12:35pm 2:17pm 1h 42m
Horror Shorts A 2:20pm 3:39pm 1h 19m What Doesn’t Kill Us 2:25pm 3:58pm 1h 33m Adam’s Package 2:40pm 4:02pm 1h 22m
The Basement 4:00pm 5:35pm 1h 34m Sci-Fi Shorts B 4:20pm 5:45pm 1h 25m Other Shorts C 4:25pm 6:06pm 1h 41m
Other Shorts A 5:55pm 7:15pm 1h 20m Trans 6:05pm 7:38pm 1h 33m A Feral World 6:30pm 8:15pm 1h 45m
A Worrisome Thing 7:35pm 8:44pm 1h 9m Genre-Hopping Shorts C 8:00pm 9:19pm 1h 19m Final Set and Awards 8:30pm 9:15pm 45m
Genre-Hopping Shorts A 9:05pm 10:37pm 1h 31m Other Shorts B 9:30pm 10:42pm 1h 12m


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Première statuses speak to theatrical exhibition only (i.e. online screenings don't count).


ALIFFF 2021 will screen 8 feature films from 3 countries.

Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
In Action 2019 Sean Kenealy & Eric Silvera USA 1h 19m Arizona première
The Basement 2020 Choi Yang Khun South Korea 1h 34m Arizona première
A Worrisome Thing 2020 Amelia Yokel & Jacob Egbert USA 1h 9m World première
What Doesn’t Kill Us 2021 Zach Schlapkohl, Jacob Kiesling & Ethan Cartwright USA 1h 33m
Trans 2020 Naeri Do South Korea 1h 33m Arizona première
The Psychologist 2021 Anton Kurza Ukraine 1h 12m World première
Adam’s Package 2019 Andrew Chiaramonte USA 1h 22m
A Feral World 2020 David Liban USA 1h 45m no

In Action

1h 19m, USA, dirs: Sean Kenealy & Eric Silvera
Friday, 12:40pm

Sean and Eric are just two bumbling screenwriters drafting the “next big action flick”, utterly oblivious to the insanity that awaits when the government intercepts their script, believing it to be a veritable terrorist plot.

Official trailer at YouTube.

The Basement

1h 34m, South Korea, dir: Choi Yang Khun
Friday, 4:00pm

Pan-Gyo which is Korean Silicon Valley was attacked by Nuclear bomb. The member of family who is owned venture business decided to hide at basement in their house for 2 weeks in accordance with direction from Korean Government. The family was started to struggle to survive in the basement day by day…

A Worrisome Thing

1h 9m, USA, dirs: Amelia Yokel & Jacob Egbert
Friday, 7:35pm

After a run in with religious zealots threatening their family, the Vogels move with their young son Avery to a small mountain town to hide out. While Jacob commutes to work, and Avery thrives in the local middle school, Amelia becomes more isolated, anxious, and depressed in their remote home. When new neighbors Eve and Able move in down the street, Amelia welcomes the friendship, which quickly blossoms into romance. Eve’s jealousy turns her against Jacob, and takes a dark turn when Amelia discovers her religious underpinnings and sinister motivations.

What Doesn’t Kill Us

1h 33m, USA, dirs: Zach Schlapkohl, Jacob Kiesling & Ethan Cartwright
Saturday, 2:25pm

What Doesn’t Kill Us is a mockumentary about rehabilitated zombies (or necro-sapiens, to be politically correct) facing the adversities that come with living in a time when they aren’t yet considered socially equal to homo-sapiens (aka, human beings).

Official trailer at YouTube.


1h 32m, South Korea, dir: Naeri Do
Saturday, 6:05pm

Minyoung Go is a girl who dreams of becoming a transhuman by transmitting electric shocks to her brain. After facing a serious assault from Taeyong Ma’s posse, she plans a revenge for the boys that bully her for having an eating disorder. She conducts an electrical baptism and falls into trans.

Official trailer at YouTube.

The Psychologist

1h 12m, Ukraine, dir: Anton Kurza
Sunday, 11:00am

A mental institution patient is pursuing his ambition to become the greatest psychologist and to cure people left and right, while a mysterious cult wants to use his talent to take control over the population. Can his psychiatrist get to him first and save him from the bad influence, in order to restore law and order in the city?

Official trailer at YouTube.

Adam’s Package

1h 22m, USA, dir: Andrew Chiaramonte
Sunday, 2:40pm

Professional model Adam finds himself in danger as his hot new romance with fellow model Eve heats up. He encounters a questionable hit-man hired by his ex-wife, and Shadow government agents threaten him after discovering a Top Secret package in his basement. Not to mention a beautiful opera-singing ghost who is haunting his new condo. His only solution may be out-of-this-world.

Official trailer at YouTube.

A Feral World

1h 45m, USA, dir: David Liban
Sunday, 6:30pm

An orphaned boy in a post-apocalyptic world, meets a woman who is trying to find her lost daughter. Their journey together leads them face-to-face with a despot who may have the daughter held captive.

Official trailer at Vimeo or YouTube.


ALIFFF 2021 will include eleven sets of short films.

Sci-Fi Shorts A

The Sci-Fi Shorts A set will run 1h 20m and include 5 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Displaced 2021 Carl Thiel USA 17:26 Arizona première
The Handout 2020 Gianni de Blasi Italy 16:30 Arizona première
Fearfully Made 2020 Jamie Foreman UK 19:27 no
A New Present 2020 Marieke Niestadt The Netherlands 9:34
Jeff Drives You 2019 Aidan Brezonick USA 16:46


17:26, USA, Carl Thiel
Friday, 11:00am

At a low point in his life, urbanite Peter Sabik goes on a solo camping trip in hopes of finding inner guidance, only to discover a mysterious message which sets him off on an extraordinary adventure defying the laws of time and space.

The Handout

16:30, Italy, Gianni de Blasi
Friday, 11:00am

Laura, a lonely and wealthy woman, decides to leave her home in order to access the audition of the L’Elelmosina (The Handout) talent show. In the format three beggars contend for the compassion of the public from home collecting live donations. The woman’s desire to appear actually hides a last desperate gesture of redemption.

Fearfully Made

19:27, UK, Jamie Foreman
Friday, 11:00am

When Arthur’s wife, Maggie, is taken into a nursing home, his daughter buys him a care robot. Frustrated by his lack of independence, Arthur is no fan of his new “carer”, but things take a darker turn when she begins to block his attempts to call Maggie. Desperate to make contact and feeling like a prisoner in his own home, Arthur plans to escape to the nursing home to be with Maggie again.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

A New Present

9:34, The Netherlands, dir: Marieke Niestadt
Friday, 11:00am

The only thing Paul loves more than fixing up old cars is his young daughter Lola is, but lucky for Paul, Lola shares her father’s passion. After a terrible accident, Paul devotes his every waking hour to making things right, at any cost, even as it sets a wedge between himself and his wife Anna who feels Paul might be spiraling out of control.

Jeff Drives You

16:46, USA, dir: Aidan Brezonick
Friday, 11:00am

A lonely gay man falls in love with an artificially intelligent car over the course of a road trip.

Horror Shorts A

The Horror Shorts A set will run 1h 19m and include 7 films from 5 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
The Internet Kills 2020 Ari Costa & Eren Celeboglu USA 8:13 Arizona première
Sleep Tight 2020 Michael Seabolt USA 11:27 Arizona première
Evenfall 2020 Dean Butler Australia 14:04 Arizona première
Spore 2021 Adrian Picardi USA 9:32 Arizona première
Crumbs 2021 Jessey & Cody Nelson Canada 15:33 US première
The Gloom 2020 Dani Viqueira Spain 13:47 Arizona première
Fantasmagoria 2019 Riccardo Grippo Italy 9:17 Arizona première

The Internet Kills

8:13, USA, dirs: Ari Costa & Eren Celeboglu
Friday, 2:20pm

Euphoria meets The Ring. When Victoria and her friends discover an app that kills you, they accidentally unleash something truly evil...

Sleep Tight

11:27, USA, dir: Michael Seabolt
Friday, 2:20pm

Preston’s adoptive parents Daniel and Kate think that he is just going through a phase, but Kate fears it may be more because of Preston’s haunted past. Are the monsters in Preston’s closet his past coming back to haunt him? Or is it just another kid with an over active imagination? One thing is for sure, its going to be a night everyone will remember...


14:04, Australia, dir: Dean Butler
Friday, 2:20pm

A widower with supernatural abilities helps a local detective save her daughter from dark forces.


9:32, USA, dir: Adrian Picardi
Friday, 2:20pm

Leah is a 30-something single woman searching for love online in a world under siege. When the sanctuary of her home becomes a cage in which she’s hunted, the line between hopeful fantasy and stark reality gets blurred.


15:33, Canada, dirs: Jessey & Cody Nelson
Friday, 2:20pm

After his mother remarries an abusive man, a young boy summons an imaginary clown who helps him deal with the traumas of his young life.

The Gloom

13:47, Spain, dir: Dani Viqueira
Friday, 2:20pm

Laura studies for the opposition of her medical specialty. You don’t have time for your husband’s hypochondria. Nor for his children’s fights. But when everything goes dark and Laura enters the gloom, time is all she will have.


9:17, Italy, dir: Riccardo Grippo
Friday, 2:20pm

Four friends play an old board game made by the famous magician and movie director Georges Méliès. Step by step, the four friends will understand that there is no game to play, but only a threat for their lives. They must run to not die.

Other Shorts A

The Other Shorts A set will run 1h 20m and include 5 films from 2 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
I Just Wanna Go Home 2021 Daniel Tucker USA 21:13 North American première
Firefalls 2020 Ariel Neo France 12:45
Tinder Tango 2021 Cecilia Robles USA 6:47 no
Iron Head 2020 Cameron Thurman USA 19:26
Witchin’ 2019 Christina Diamantara USA 20:16 Arizona première

I Just Wanna Go Home

21:13, USA, dir: Daniel Tucker
Friday, 5:55pm

After being mugged and stranded miles away from home with a dead phone, an anti-masker named Griffin embarks of the longest journey of his life.


12:45, France, dir: Ariel Neo
Friday, 5:55pm

Directed by the french painter and film director Ariel Neo, Firefalls explores the reality of the world we live in today and depicts the devastation caused by humans on Earth. As an artist working for the cause of nature and wildlife conservation, Neo’s unique storytelling aims to blur the boundaries between man, nature and art while hoping to once again align them together. Ariel Neo wants to alert minds towards the urgent need to preserve our dying Earth and she uses both her powerful cinematography and paintings to illuminate an important question for her audience. How long can mankind run away from the apocalypse it birthed itself?

Tinder Tango

6:47, USA, dir: Cecilia Robles
Friday, 5:55pm

A dreamy Tinder match. Two tango aficionados meet for the first time and it turns out to be a hell of a date!

Official trailer at YouTube.

Iron Head

19:26, USA, dir: Cameron Thurman
Friday, 5:55pm

After his family is destroyed as a child, a broken middle school counselor seeks to reunite with his long lost sister, only to immerse himself in the horror that surrounds her in the dark underground of 1990s Los Angeles.


20:16, USA, dir: Christina Diamantara
Friday, 5:55pm

A young witch’s dream of making the best potion in her class takes her to the mysterious world of human males, in search of a powerful ingredient: Big Dick Energy.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

Genre-Hopping Shorts A

The Genre-Hopping Shorts A set will run 1h 31m and include 6 films from 2 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Forever Gardens 2019 David Haddad USA 21:50 World première
Colossus 2021 James Roe USA 17:04 Arizona première
SeaSapien 2019 Sascha Karner Australia 8:12 Arizona première
Swiped 2021 Billy Kay USA 13:41 Arizona première
Erebus 2020 Will Ammann USA 18:55 Arizona première
Remember Me in Therapy 2020 Jacob Mollot USA 11:52 Arizona première

Forever Gardens

21:50, USA, dir: David Haddad
Friday, 9:05pm

A senior living facility is the home of one special family who holds the key to immortality among its elderly residents. Their younger, abusive employees are now the ones living on Borrowed Time.


17:04, USA, dir: James Roe
Friday, 9:05pm

A young Navy pilot’s life is shattered after being shot down by a UFO in World War II. Consumed by obsessive fear and hatred, he sets out on a quest to find and kill the creature that put him burning into the sea.


8:12, Australia, dir: Sascha Karner
Friday, 9:05pm

In a world encapsulated by an ocean sky, falling fish cause concussions and boats are unusual alien artifacts. When a recently discovered sea vessel is looted, a government investigator fishes for the culprits. With no leads, he works his way up the local scavenger food chain. He learns of two slackers who are in possession of an item from the ship. Our hero discovers the object they’re holding is organic; not just an it but also a she... a mermaid! But where did she come from, how does the abandoned genetic research facility TETSOP fit into all of this, and will she reciprocate his feelings for her? This is one fishy, fish tale that our hero must unravel before it’s too late!


13:41, USA, dir: Billy Kay
Friday, 9:05pm

A GIRL sits alone at her local neighborhood bar, bored, swiping away at the dating app on her phone in vain. However, one particular profile catches her eye… and as she daydreams about the handsome stranger in the photo, her GUY unwittingly becomes the leading man—and pawn—in her fantasy.


18:55, USA, dir: Will Ammann
Friday, 9:05pm

A young woman finds herself trapped in a surreal wasteland, and begins to question the nature of her reality.

Remember Me in Therapy

11:52, USA, dir: Jacob Mollot
Friday, 9:05pm

After waking up one fateful morning, a human named George discovers that Earth has been destroyed by an intergalactic alien race/corporation called “The Gleebloys”. With the help of a ’therapizing’ alien named Ruben, the two must piece together what led to the planet’s destruction. The more they learn the more things start to feel very, very strange.

Genre-Hopping Shorts B

The Genre-Hopping Shorts B set will run 1h 26m and include 3 films from 3 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Double Helix 2021 Qiu Sheng China 26:22 US première
The Alluring Frontier 2018 Adolpho Navarro USA 29:27 no
Monstrus Circus 2019 Jordan Inconstant France 29:59 Arizona première

Double Helix

26:22, China, dir: Qiu Sheng
Saturday, 11:00am

Late at night, KONG Xianyun and her younger brother Yuanyuan escaped from their family house. They trek into an abandoned school, where Yuanyuan’s memories were awakened—the sound of books, piano, and laughter, Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire engulfs everything.

The Alluring Frontier

29:27, USA, dir: Adolpho Navarro
Saturday, 11:00am

The Alluring Frontier is set in the old west in the small town of Gulch which quickly gets consumed by a dark presence. Characters are soon introduced from different walks of life within the town as the dark force has taken the shape of an unsuspecting individual that is hunting something one of the men has in his possession meanwhile turning the residents into demonic creatures called “Gulchers”.

Monstrus Circus

29:59, France, dir: Jordan Inconstant
Saturday, 11:00am

Leonard, a magician, decides to set up a circus troupe of unusual artists. His intention is not to show their monstrosity but rather to change people’s attitudes through the audience’s acceptance of them. However, not everyone is ready to welcome them and Leonard will stop at nothing when it comes to imposing his convictions...

Horror Shorts B

The Horror Shorts B set will run 1h 20m and include 6 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
A.J.E. 2019 Benjamin Germany & Jérémy Lafar France 10:20 Arizona première
Fig 2019 Rami Cohen USA 10:45
Good Feng Shui 2020 Yurong Xu China 14:54 North American première
Koreatown Ghost Story 2021 Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum USA 14:52 no
Cutter 2021 Dan Repp & Lindsay Young USA 15:37 no
You Will Never Be Back 2020 Mónica Mateo Spain 13:35 Arizona première


10:20, France, dirs: Benjamin Germany & Jérémy Lafar
Saturday, 12:45pm

At home waiting to spend the evening with her boyfriend, Mathilde receives a request about a strange app. Her world is about to change in a few minutes...


10:45, USA, dir: Rami Cohen
Saturday, 12:45pm

Years ago, when Jason was a kid, he knew he could always count on one person to have his back, his imaginary friend Fig. Fig was Jason’s best friend and surrogate mother, until one day when she took things too far standing up to one of Jason’s bullies. That’s when Jason’s real mother banished Fig and left Jason broken and unprotected. Now Jason is an adult and Fig is back.

Good Feng Shui

14:45, China, dir: Yurong Xu
Saturday, 12:45pm

The film unfolded by narrating the literal and potential meanings of "Good Feng Shui", established a connection among Yin, Yang, time and space by earthquakes. The son had gone back to collect all the valuables, but he didn't expect that his father had already left and wrote a death note and left everything to him. And all this looks like planned by his father.

Koreatown Ghost Story

14:52, USA, dirs: Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum
Saturday, 12:45pm

In this supernatural horror tale based on a Korean ritual starring Margaret Cho and Lyrica Okano, a woman entertains a macabre marriage offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse.


15:37, USA, dirs: Dan Repp & Lindsay Young
Saturday, 12:45pm

A teenage cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks to keep them at odds.

You Will Never Be Back

13:35, Spain, dir: Mónica Mateo
Saturday, 12:45pm

Ana and David say goodbye like any other day. The young lady has plans, but she won’t be late. However, something extraordinary happens; something that alters her reality and changes everything completely.

Sci-Fi Shorts B

The Sci-Fi Shorts B set will run 1h 25m and include 7 films from 7 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Splat! 2020 Romain Revert France 1:05 Arizona première
Aftermath 2021 Joel Kaye USA 10:55 World première
Absence 2020 Richard Marx Germany 13:22 Arizona première
Blood Light 2020 Danylo Hauk Ukraine 15:55
Sol 2020 Andy Alvarez Canada 14:11 Arizona première
The Download 2021 Easy Lee Singapore 8:31 World première
Ellipsis 2021 Jorgi Capri Mexico 22:11


1:05, France, dir: Romain Revert
Saturday, 4:20pm

A 1 minute disaster animated film with a scifi twist!


10:55, USA, dir: Joel Kaye
Saturday, 4:20pm

A desperately seeking outlander comes across a mysterious reclusive hermit who may hold the secret that could change a lost world.


13:22, Germany, dir: Richard Marx
Saturday, 4:20pm

Odd shining stars at the sky. Something is calling out to Lena. Her life is changing abruptly after a terrible event. Lost in emotions, her passion is leading her on a destructive way. As everything around Lena started to collapse, she is still figuring out where she stands.

Blood Light

15:55, Ukraine, dir: Danylo Hauk
Saturday, 4:20pm

When tenebrous storms block all sunlight on Earth pushing humanity into madness, Zen, a young girl goes against the world to save her mother.


14:11, Andy Alvarez, dir: Canada
Saturday, 4:20pm

Sol is a story set in a world ravaged by climate change. A mother races to teach her daughter the emergency preparedness that comes with each disaster after experiencing a tragic loss.

The Download

8:31, Singapore, dir: Easy Lee
Saturday, 4:20pm

When apps can be downloaded straight to your brain on a subscription basis, how will you navigate this new world? Join and pay, find your education becoming obsolete, or reject it?


22:11, Mexico, dir: Jorge Capri
Saturday, 4:20pm

Submerged in a dystopia two opposing forces fight for the right to either create or destroy cycles. A look into the relationship between human nature and technology takes you to a journey you won’t expect.

Genre-Hopping Shorts C

The set will run 1h 19m and include 4 films from 3 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Alvin 2019 Christy Anna Wu USA 14:53 Arizona première
The Other One 2021 Lukas Baier Germany 26:23 World première
Identity Check 2020 Patrick Devaney USA 17:46
Off Grid 2019 Carl Timms UK 19:55 no


14:53, USA, dir: Christy Anna Wu
Saturday, 8:00pm

Depressed and in poor physical health, a man receives free healthcare at the expense of his freedom.

The Other One

26:23, Germany, dir: Lukas Baier
Saturday, 8:00pm

When the physicist Walter moves into a new apartment in the 1970s, he tries to clear up the enigmatic disappearance of his previous tenant and realizes that the old man is haunting him in an eerie way—from the future.

Identity Check

17:46, USA, dir: Patrick Devaney
Saturday, 8:00pm

After two decades of controlling the world’s Virtual Reality market, MDI and its founder, Douglas McKinney, are in complete financial ruin. His toughest rival, multi-billionaire Blake Harper, founder of HarperSoft, is making a quick stop to buy what is left of MDI on his way to Tokyo for a five-day trade summit/mini-vacation. It has also been agreed that during their brief meeting, Harper will be buying one other thing: namely, McKinney’s entire identity as a human being.

Off Grid

19:55, UK, dir: Carl Timms
Saturday, 8:00pm

John Tanner (James Cosmo, Game of Thrones) takes to a remote hideout with his sick wife Grace (Alison Steadman, Gavin & Stacey), where they live in isolation as he battles to protect her life, and his own sanity, from a supernatural threat plaguing humanity. When a drifter happens upon their cabin and they take him in, old wounds are exposed and revealing the true nature of the catastrophe that has befallen the couple.

Other Shorts B

The Other Shorts B set will run 1h 12m and include 6 films from 5 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
The Beast of Bourbon 2020 Bradford Uyeda USA 2:58 no
Smiles 2019 Javier Chavanel Spain 13:25 Arizona première
X-Mas on Fire 2020 Florian Frerichs Germany 11:55 Arizona première
Finally, You 2020 J. R. Rivera USA 17:40 no
Lifelike 2019 Jay Reid Canada 18:21 Arizona première
God: The Performance Review 2020 Victoria Carwin Australia 10:06 Arizona première

The Beast of Bourbon

2:58, USA, dir: Bradford Uyeda
Saturday, 9:30pm

A man’s battle with alcohol affects those around him.


13:25, Spain, dir: Javier Chavanel
Saturday, 9:30pm

Borja is about to meet his girlfriend's parents. This is meant to be a tricky moment and even awkward. However, he hasn´t even imagined what he´s going to suffer next. The best way to overcome the situation: to give smile and wait.

X-Mas on Fire

11:55, Germany, dir: Florian Frerichs
Saturday, 9:30pm

A heist on Christmas Eve going horribly wrong.

Finally, You

17:40, USA, dir: J. R. Rivera
Saturday, 9:30pm

Finally, You is a dark, violent romance tale about two people finding love where they least expected.


18:21, Canada, dir: Jay Reid
Saturday, 9:30pm

A therapist tries a new controversial experimental therapy on her patient in order to help him gain control over his destructive desires.

Official trailer at Vimeo.

God: The Performance Review

10:06, Australia, dir: Victoria Carwin
Saturday, 9:30pm

It's one millennium since God's last Performance Review Meeting with Senior Management and they're not impressed with what has been happening on that tiny blue planet called Earth. God’s needs to act quickly if he wants to avoid redundancy.

Sci-Fi Shorts C

The Sci-Fi Shorts C set will run 1h 42m and include 7 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
The Prospector 2020 Wade Chitwood USA 16:46 no
Consume 2020 Bruno Gradaschi Argentina 13:38 Arizona première
Sundown Trail 2020 Luke Guidici USA 13:59 no
Transfert 2019 Jonathan Degrelle France 13:15 Arizona première
Human Trash 2020 Aitor Almuedo Esteban Spain 16:38 Arizona première
Ballistic 2020 Zack Harris USA 13:12
Echo 2019 Aitor de Miguel Spain 14:15 Arizona première

The Prospector

16:46, USA, dir: Wade Chitwood
Sunday, 12:35pm

A lone man searches for his place in the Universe. This journey takes the prospector to a place where he has to look directly at his soul and decide what he is willing to sacrifice to achieve his ambitions.


13:38, Argentina, dir: Bruno Gradaschi
Sunday, 12:35pm

A world where everyone lives in the work stations and eats liquid food coming from dispensers. Workers that are only numbers fulfill incomprehensible and alienating tasks to earn points and reach a target to move up the chain and access a better life.

Official trailer at YouTube.

Sundown Trail

13:59, USA, dir: Luke Guidici
Sunday, 12:35pm

In a post-apocalyptic world where toxic mushrooms have made the air deadly to breathe, a timid boy must learn to trust a thieving bandit in order to save his dying father.

Official trailer at Vimeo.


13:15, France, dir: Jonathan Degrelle
Sunday, 12:35pm

1967: IV Reïch. The Germans won the war. Isaac, a survivor of the concentration camps, is sent by Max, a Nazi officer, in the middle of the Second World War to recover a strange mechanism. But during his quest, he will be facing his worst nightmare...

Human Trash

16:38, Spain, dir: Aitor Almuedo Esteban
Sunday, 12:35pm

A boy is thrown into a trash container from the future. In his frantic search for the exit, he runs into a mysterious man, who will make him doubt the origin of his own existence.


13:12, USA, dir: Zack Harris
Sunday, 12:35pm

Ryan Watanabe, a local Japanese American skateboarder who works at a hotel in Waikiki, receives notice of a ballistic missile inbound for Hawaii. He has twenty minutes to lead his persistent mother Michi and toddler sister to safety in a bunker in Diamond Head, overcoming family disparity and the erupting cultural tension of paradise in turmoil.


14:15, Spain, dir: Aitor de Miguel
Sunday, 12:35pm

In 1977, the Voyager probe leaves for the galaxy with a message in Spanish recorded in the RNE (Spanish National Radio Studio).

Other Shorts C

The Other Shorts C set will run 1h 41m and include 6 films from 4 countries.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Uprising! 2020 Ben Hansford USA 14:11
M1das 2019 Razan Takash United Arab Emirates 12:42
The Blood Bride 2019 Hannah McKibbin & Caspar Leopard UK 19:03
Sylvio 2020 Léonard Kahn France 13:59
The Tell Tale Heart 2020 McClain Lindquist USA 22:04
Eat the Rainbow 2019 Brian Benson USA 19:31


14:11, USA, dir: Ben Hansford
Sunday, 4:25pm

When the robot apocalypse arrives—and humanity finds itself being tea-bagged, dry-humped, and kill-shotted out of existence—the fate of the world rests in the hands of a gaming super-nerd named Bernie Meckler. But he’s got bigger problems.


12:42, United Arab Emirates, dir: Razan Takash
Sunday, 4:25pm

Cybele, one of the many salespeople working for Ex Nihilo Robotics, is preparing the latest items for display at the Home Robotics Expo. She gets news that the tech team in charge of setting up the prototype is going to be massively delayed. Cybele is going to have to set up the prototype herself, something she’s not done before. The prototype, M1DAS, is an android child designed to adapt perfectly to a parent’s preferences. With a clear handbook, her trusty laptop, and a direct connection to HQ, setting up little MIDAS, the prototype, should be a piece of cake. That’s until MIDAS wakes up and behaves irregularly and she gradually loses control of the situation and of her-self.

The Blood Bride

19:03, UK, dirs: Hannah McKibbin & Caspar Leopard
Sunday, 4:25pm

When a young woman held captive by a trafficking gang is shot, she falls into a surreal journey through her subconscious as she battles for her life.


13:59, France, dir: Léonard Kahn
Sunday, 4:25pm

Sylvio is alone. Sylvio is stuck. Life no longer advances for him. Yet, the world keeps going. Sylvio is then forced to advance.

The Tell Tale Heart

22:04, USA, dir: McClain Lindquist
Sunday, 4:25pm

Adapted from Edgar Allan Poe’s original text, this psychological thriller has been reimagined in this mind-bending, pulse-pounding, bloody-disgusting short film. In The Tell Tale Heart, the Narrator descends into madness as he is haunted by the “evil eye” of the Old Man. The Narrator murders the Old Man in his bed and hides his body under the floorboards. The Narrator’s frail mind begins to unravel when Detective Tucker and Officer Sharpe come to inquire about the Old Man’s whereabouts.

Eat the Rainbow

19:31, USA, dir: Brian Benson
Sunday, 4:25pm

Eat the Rainbow is a musical fable about an odd yet kind man named Bayani who moves into a conservative suburban neighborhood and disrupts the otherwise comfortable homogeny. He doesn’t look or act like anyone else which causes fear and panic and eventually a demand for him to leave the neighborhood. Cousin Wonderlette befriends Bayani and together they take on the opposition led by manipulative and unscrupulous realtor Lobelia Gerber.

Final Set

The Final Set will run TBD and include TBD films from 1 country.

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Title Year Director(s) Country Length Première?
Lost on Barduino 2019 Asali Echols USA 13:19 Arizona première
Christopher R. Smith Tribute
Gnome Sweet Gnome 2015 Christopher R. Smith USA 1:10
Quiet Zone 2005 Christopher Smith USA 4:21
One of Us Christopher R. Smith USA 1:44
Dating 101 2005 Nick Bellinger USA 7:27

Lost on Barduino

13:19, USA, dir: Asali Echols
Sunday, 8:30pm

They had to get lost in space... to find what really matters.

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